Monday, March 24, 2014

Cecile Turgeon and Joseph M. Schmidt (1960s)

My parents - Cecile Turgeon and Joseph M. Schmidt - met in the early 1960s at the University of Saskatchewan, in St. Thomas More College.  Both had had previous careers (she was a secretary first and then went for nurse's training, and he was a school teacher first and then went to law school), and so they were both mature students.  

In this photo, they are in the bridal party for some friends, Ruth and Larry (1961).  According to the back of the photo, they got engaged to be married themselves the very next day.

Each of them came from a family with a long history of farming, and went on to take professional training in a non-agricultural sector.  They had strong ties to their heritage their whole lives though:  she loved nothing more than a trip down the back roads in the car to go berry-picking, and made the biggest bonfires you ever saw.  He bought farmland as soon as he could, as an adult, even though he never farmed it himself, and got excited every Spring about planting a giant vegetable garden.  We were always watching the skies for rain or hail, and driving out to check on the crops.

Look at them prairie folks in their fancy dress clothes.

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