Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lucille Bergeron, from Sherbrooke, Quebec

Lucille Bergeron was my great-grandmother on my mother's side (she was my mother's father's mother).  This is a precious tin-type photograph that we have of her.

Lucille Bergeron was married to Pierre Turgeon.  At the age of 41, she was walking under a ladder on a construction site in Sherbrooke, PQ, and a brick fell and hit her on the head, killing her.  Pierre never remarried.  After she died, her daughters stayed in the East, and all her sons went west.  They might also have gone to the U.S. for a while before moving to Saskatchewan.

I don't yet know the names of all of her daughters (there were four or five of them), but she was the mother of sons Alfred, Albert, Philip, Johnny, and Ed Turgeon.  Her son Alfred Turgeon was my grandfather (we called him Alfred Sr., or 'Fred').  He spent most of his life in Crystal Springs, SK., first on the farm and then in a house he built in town.

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